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July 3, 2020
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July 3, 2020
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Wood’s MDK26 Dehumidifier


Powerful and easy to use for laundry or smaller basement

The new Wood’s MDK26  is a powerful and compact dehumidifier that fits most environments It will quickly lower the ambient humidity and remove mildew and moisture.  The MDK26 exhausts warm, dry air on its top that blow-dries the laundry. With MDK26, you don’t have to worry about maintenance or defrosting – merely set desired humidity level and leave the unit to it. This is a smart and powerful dehumidifier, packed with benefits.

The MDK26 is made with environmentally friendly cooling media called R-290 which is significantly more energy efficient than HFC gases.

The MDK26 is a very stylish and easy to use dehumidifier with an LCD display and timer, it  dries the laundry quickly and gently with a dry-wash function. It also ensures that excess moisture and mold are kept away. 

  • For laundry, basements, living spaces, etc
  • Equipped with wheels to move the machine smoothly
  • Removes excess moisture and bad odor
  • Exhaust on top blow-dries laundry
  • Hose connection for direct drainage
  • Runs only when needed
  • Energy efficient and quiet
  • Timer function 1-8 hours
  • Up to 3 years warranty register at warranty-woods.com
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